Our process for creating illustrations

Our process for creating illustrations

Along with writing and illustrating our own books, we also illustrate for other authors, ministries, and business clients. Here is a sample of the process we take on most of our illustrations. This illustration is of the bear from the book of Daniel for the Church of God,”The Gospel Trumpet”. We are working on illustrating for them the book of Revelation.

The first thing we do is get a description of what the client needs. Next, not shown here, I (Paul) usually do a small thumbnail sketch. Most people would look at the thumbnail sketch and not really know what it is. But I quickly sketch with very few lines what I imagined the description might look like. Next, I’ll do a more detailed pencil sketch. After the sketch is approved by the client, I’ll do the black and white ink. After that it will go to Delores to add all the color! She brings it alive with the right combination of color, shadows, and highlights.

We make sure that each image is built in layers using ArtRage to draw, and Photoshop to color. Building in layers makes it easier to edit if the client wants to make changes.

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